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Our Wedding Family


Maid of Honor

Matron of Honor


Stacy Gray

Toiya Kizer

Lakendra "KeKe" cannon

Stacy is my big sister. She's a great leader, great at spearheading projects and seeing them through to its end. Stacy knows how to handle business and would actually be a great life coach. She's a giver, has a heart of gold and funny when she wants to be. We are the most sister-est sisters to ever sister. LOL! We are the same in so many ways and that's always where we butt heads and do the sister thing, but I am so grateful for her. Stacy planned my life out, so what better role to give her than the head role?! 

Tee is my first cousin, but also one of my best friends. Tee loves her family and great at being resourceful and helping. Tee's a great listener and a great protector and defender. She also has a great sense of humor. I've watched Tee as a young girl and always wanted to be cool like her, cute like her, be able to sing like her, and fight like her LMAO. Tee let me do all the stuff I wasn't supposed to do--but for privacy's sake, I won't disclose them 😅 

KeKe is my cousin on my mom's side. We met as adults, but our bond is like we've known one another our entire lives. Keke is very supportive and an outstanding woman of faith. She loves her husband and children and she loves me especially! LOL. Keke asked me every 6 months when Darryl and I were getting married, so she definitely had to be a part lol. 


My cousin and godbaby's mama. Parris is great at working my nerves 😂 Parris is  hilarious and knows how to have a great time. I recently realized that my relationship with Parris is more like a big sister--which is weird because I'm used to being the little sister in everyone's lives. I look out for her because I love her and she can send my blood pressure through the roof, just like I imagine I do my sister lol. One thing's for sure, Parris is going to have a good time wherever she is and she definitely gets that from me lol!

My little cousin--my baby. My emergency hairstylist. Re has always reminded me of me...loves kids, loves her family, great friend to her friends, and is always reliable. Rere is a creator and visionary--great at last minute ideas and projects--if she were a basketball player, she'd be James Harden because she always comes through in the clutch. She's also a great bartender. If I need Re, I got Re. I'm expecting ReRe to make sure our cups are full 😀

Ashley is Darryl's sister by blood and my sister by love--and almost bloodshed 😂. It took us more than 5 years to even be able to hold more than a 5 minute conversation, but we are tighter than ever now and I thank God for that. Ashley is thoughtful and always offering to help undertake anything that requires planning. She's great at creating things and has endless ideas for many things. The DIY queen.  


Parris gray


Tsureyah gray


Ashley Howell-Tolbert

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 5.48.41 PM.png

Best Man

Mondell Reed

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 5.48.50 PM.png


Reggie "Big play" Gray

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 5.48.57 PM.png


Jerrel johnson

Mondell has known me the longest out of the guys. He's basically had a front seat to my development from a child to a young man and has been the perfect example of balance and hard work.

A man's man.

Always the most fun, freshest, had the most current music lol. If I was with him, I was fresh. If he ate, I ate. He’s my favorite uncle without being my real uncle. I’ve had a front seat at watching his journey at becoming an amazing man, provider, and husband without compromising who he is at the core. He had to be here as the OG of the crew.

My future brother-in-law is super kind and has always been accepting of me. I have a little sister so I know how hard that can be, but he never pressed me. I get to spend time with most of the other guys in here, but not so much with Reggie, so I’m happy he’s a part and I’m anxious for us all to create a memory.

That car ride in '06 with Kincy led to a group chirp on my Nextel with us 3 and Rell asking if he could come by and use some drum gear. This was the day of my high school graduation and he was a stranger, but we hit it off and we talked almost every day from then until now. Rell just being Rell and being my bro has added a lot of joy, laughs, and great memories to my life.


I think we all know what he’s gonna do for this wedding party! 😂

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 5.48.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 5.49.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 5.49.18 PM.png




Marcus Kincy

Lenard razor

Victor torres Jr.

For a long time my name wasn’t LiLMaN, it was “LiLMaNandLiLMarcus”

We were like a package deal.

We have documented and accomplished so much together based off of a ride home that he gave me in 2006.

We’ve discussed what type of men we wanna be and have grown together, it’s only right that my partner in crime is there with me like he’s been everything else.

For extra curricular activities? Marcus will be our guy!

Razor is my first friend and one of the first people that I established a musical bond with which is very very dear to me. There’s so much history here, too much to really put into words. Our friendship and the friendship that my family has with his family has been a blessing-- unbreakable. He’s the first to make me a godfather and it’s just amazing that I was in his wedding now he’s going to be in mine. From kids and me being a little younger than him, always just wondering how our lives would progress and here I am: trailing behind Razor, as usual, and now our lives are progressing in the direction of legacy and history repeating itself again. Hopefully our children becoming family like he and I have been for my whole life.


I’m expecting Razor to keep us in check and keep us financially responsible during our hangs lol

Everyone needs a Victor Jr in their life. Thru the worst, best, most exciting times of my life Vic has been consistent. We talk like old men and have made some huge decisions through the most causal conversations on rides to O'Hare airport or on stage..... when I made this decision (like so many others), I called him up, and he already knew to get ready to put on his suit.


Vic is the party!!

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